Monday, December 01, 2003

One week, well almost------ive been quite buisy with college and stuff-----dont ask about the stuff..ive got an assesment this week, im probably gonna get told to stop slackin'.......the usual(that for all aspects of my life------hey is there a pattern herelol). I think im gonna give jitsu a miss this week ive too much on, problem is ive got a grading soon and think im on a roll-----the past couple of sessions have been really good ones. We also got our new Graphics brief today--------heheheheheeh mine looks soooooo good------pick a band/musician/whateva and design/re-design a cd cover/box/dvd set/book to go with the album/dvd------lol----good enough to eat. Ive chose Aphex twin--------let--------the------chaos------commence,,,

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

DAMNITALLTOHELL!!!!......I just cant seem to get anything done, i just seem to be drifting----sat around like a vegetable thinking about stuff but not doing it.....it probably looks funny but it aint-----i got some work done today, i could of got more done but got tired(toddler syndrome)and turned back in a veggie,,i dont seem to be gettin any sleep-----just thinking-about nothing....lol its a nasty horible vicious circle that i love..i missed Aikido today too, my time keeping needs work.

Monday, November 24, 2003


went to a uni extravaganza!!!! thing in manchester yesterday-----------gotta decide where i wanna study(AGAIN).......I dunno whats wrong with me lateley-i just feel really tired, mentally tired, wiery almost------not that i have any good reason to be, i mean i dont work 20 hour shifts in a hospital or anything.....i think its thias whole uni thing, it did'nt go too well the first time so i think im a bit woried......no, i know im woried-------i dont know what i am,,,,,,,im confused-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-always confused. Theres the other side of me thats looking forward to it though(maybe i have a split personality-------)

Saturday, November 22, 2003

TASTER PROJECT:- GRAPHIC DESIGN---DESIGN AND MAKE YOUR OWN ALPHABET/FONT...........SKETCHBOOK-MATEREALS-IDEAS-STUFF-------AIMS AND OBJECTIVES-TO ENCORAGE INDEPENDANT AND ORIGINAL THINKING ANDWORKING-----END MESSAGE...........okay where do we go from here.....to many ideas too little time.......maybe i should think stupid,,,,,i mean even more stupid, get rid of the big stuff and concentrate on the littl stuff...............the--------little----------stuffs-----------------important----------to--.

Friday, November 21, 2003

i have to go into work tomorow.....ive not been in for 3 weeks(hint hint)i was ill, in birmingham and could'nt be bothered-=-=-=-=-=-=-in no order. They must think im dead or somethinglol....strange but im looking forword to going......whoooo never thought id say that.
the whole towns slipping down a hill.

........Whats it mean.......nuthin, when i was born'n'where im going, where were all going.
anyone listenin'.......thins is my newest blog, i scrapped my last one 10 minuits ago.......the moral..........morals dont exist anymore.

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